Apprentice of the Year Award

*This award allows people to nominate someone that is on a current apprenticeship or has completed in the last 12 months*

The Business must be registered in the Caerphilly Borough.

Please keep word count to a maximum of 300 for question 1- 4.

Please tell us how the apprenticeship has contributed to your business success Please Include any measurable outcomes that have been achieved as a result of your contribution. For example, a % increase in sales and/or productivity, more efficient ways of working, better staff morale, etc. Please provide statistics and/or evidence that demonstrates the impact you, as an apprentice, have had on the business.

How have they pro-actively challenged themselves, and how have they strived to be recognised for excellence in relation to their learning and skills. Any further learning undertaken, or planned, as a result of completing their apprenticeship.

Contribution made by the individual to the organisation How the apprentice has overcome barriers in completing their Apprenticeship How the apprentice has consistently challenged themselves, and others, in undertaking their Apprenticeship Programme.

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