Formerly Caerphilly Business Forum the newly launched Caerphilly Business Club, we might be operating under a new identity, but our vision remains the same; to support, promote and connect businesses and the community of Caerphilly borough.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing a rewarding environment for businesses to connect with customers, suppliers and local businesses alike. A profitable arena for earning useful skills and information for your business, and having an influence on local and regional government over issues that affect your business.

We’re offering businesses throughout the borough an opportunity to connect and build strategic alliances. It is our belief that through these relationships we can achieve sustainable and thriving communities, supporting social and corporate responsibilities.

Our Mission

  • Engage

    We want to engage and connect all businesses in Caerphilly with the intention to develop strategic alliances and establish meaningful connections.

  • Collaborate

    We encourage and create opportunities for collaborations, to achieve sustainable and thriving communities supporting social and corporate responsibilities.

  • Learn

    We offer businesses within Caerphilly Borough free membership for one year including access to CBC events, creating opportunities to engage, collaborate and learn.

Board Members / Partners

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Our Partners