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If you’re an employer, the main reason Amour should be your ‘go to’ recruitment agency is simply this: You will get the people you need, when you need them, whatever the obstacles. So, when you’re hamstrung on a Friday afternoon, needing 15 people by Monday, and your big shot recruiter has let you down, we won’t sleep until you’ve got all 15 of them on site, on time, ready for work. We know, because this happened recently to a local site manager and Amour came to his rescue. It's not just grit, determination and sheer love of the job that makes us confident you should be using us. It’s the very grounded practicalities such as our CRM system, our consistent adherence to processes and correct paperwork, and our attention to administrative detail that makes sure things run smoothly no matter what. If you’re an employer, it’s the impressive size of our ever-increasing candidate database, built through years of relationship building and unfailing follow-ups to ensure individuals know how important they are to us, and to your business. If you’re looking for work, the answer to ‘Why Amour Recruitment?’ is the fact that we never lose sight of who you are, and what’s important to you in your job and your life. And that we know our employers very well, and can match you with the one you’ll love working with.

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